All purchases through the shopping basket are processed via Paypal. If you wish to reserve items and pay via credit or debit card then please call us on 01765 667 988. We accept all major Debit and Credit cards. We are unable to accept bank transfers. 

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Our 4 Selling options: 

Offering individuals a one stop shop to buy, sell and hire equestrian products.  Saving you time, money & energy.

Offering equine related businesses a value for money platform to reach a targeted audience to clear branded end of lines. 

For all  business listings please contact us to discuss. 

Outright purchase

GG Warehouse Ltd buy direct from you

GG Warehouse ltd will buy direct from you.

We will offer the best/fair price we can but allowing for our business to make a resell profit. 

Good for job lots or tack room clear outs.

Part exchange

GG Warehouse ltd agrees a part exchange against other items on our site.

GG warehouse ltd will part exchange your items against other second hand items we have for sale .

Great for higher priced items where you might  not be able to buy another product before selling your current product.  

Classified Advertising

GG Warehouse Ltd will upload your advert to the relevant section for sale. 

GG Warehouse ltd will upload your advert to our relevant section on our website.  The sale is managed yourself and you  pay us a  fixed charge for advertising on our site.  


GG Warehouse Ltd will handle the total process of selling your items, subject to T&Cs.

GG warehouse sell on behalf and manage all of the design / photography / listing / enquiries / invoicing / posting /marketing on your behalf.  T&Cs apply.  Fees are due on commission based selling. 

Part Exchange 

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Outright sell

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